About Us

“To be comfortable and live well is not a luxury, but a necessity.”

I started The Comfy Brand with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) in mind, to combat the perpetuation of wellness and comfort as luxury commodities for the wealthy. Most people don’t have the average price of $100 to spend on posh loungewear or the costly home goods that provide added relaxation to their waking and sleeping moments. I am no exception to that fact! Not eating well and losing sleep began to take serious tolls on my mood, work performance, and creative ability but the more I’d try to lift my spirits with expensive food and retail therapy, the worse I felt. I wanted to live better without feeling bad for it.

So I decided to dedicate my free time to learning new [to me] ways to improve my daily comfort and wellness beyond what Everyday Me could imagine. As an HSP it’s important to me that I share with others what I’ve learned to optimally stimulate my life.

Along my journey, I’ve managed to replace eating out with “fine dining-in” experiences, developed a nightly routine I swear by, and am managing to make the most out of living well and being comfortable inside and out! I ultimately developed strategies for making mental, physical, relational, and spatial improvements that continue to keep me going.

Encompassing these four pillars of comfort and wellness, I’d like to make the Comfy Brand your go-to on your journey as a HSP to be the happiest, healthiest, most comfortable You.

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